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Oh Lord Your Wisdom

How the WISDOM of God can change your LIFE today

Christian Wisdom you can choose a topic and sub-topic, which interest to you, and quickly see what related Bible Wisdom Verses that may guide you. You can decipher, learn and formulate your own opinions without having to read the whole Bible.

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Mission Statement: Christian Wisdom, a Non-Profit 501(c)3 organization mission is to provide Free Christian Wisdom to everyone, whether Christian or Not, on Mobile Phones and Web Pages, especially for those who are hurting, anxious, depressed, worried and hunger for answers and direction. You can select Topics and Sub-Topics that are important to you, which cover a wide range of relevant, every day subjects, such as Anxiety, Depression, Illness, Death, Love, Marriage and much more. Wisdom is the hardest thing for a person to obtain. By providing everyone access to 4,000 years of Biblical Wisdom as an educational service, it will undoubtedly benefit our whole society, whether one is Christian or Not.

Furthermore, We provide free direction to everyone who needs Mentoring, Therapy, Addiction, Senior Care, Business Issues and Heavy Debt. Please pray for those who are hurting and are in need of Wisdom and Direction.  

We pray to ignite a passion for God’s Wisdom and a following in Jesus

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